And Facing Catastrophe: Under Saudi Blockade, Yemen Torn By Competing Powers

Billionaire investor Prince Alwaleed bin Talal

The two leaders discussed fighting the terrorist group ISIS and Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen, as well as Saudi Arabia's arms purchases from the US.

The immediate focus was a Houthi missile fired towards Riyadh on Saturday night (Nov. 4) which was reportedly successfully intercepted by Saudi air defenses.

The war in Yemen has placed some 20 million people in need of humanitarian assistance. But it is certainly not the case in the Middle East. Tensions with Turkey and Egypt emanate primarily from the U.S. Congress, not from the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

The state-run Saudi Press Agency carried a statement on Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's call with UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

Ghassemi said the missile was fired by the Huthis in response 'to war crimes and several years of aggression by the Saudis'.

The resignation of Saad Hariri, Lebanon's prime minister, on Saturday while on a visit to Riyadh has thrown that country into fresh political turmoil.

The effectiveness demonstrated thus far by King Salman and his son in grabbing all the country's reins of power suggests real political skill.

In Syria, it has the Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah fighters supporting the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Responding to the headline on Twitter, Saudis took it as "confirmation that the rocket was Iranian". The Houthis have given warning that Saudi and UAE airports could be their next firing targets. Allowing a whiff of freedom to women, announcing plans for a huge new city and shifting reliance from oil to commerce, industry, trade, 2030, is unlikely to douse anytime soon the ambers still burning bright following the crackdown against senior figures in the House of Saud.

Riyadh is blaming Hezbollah for "hijacking" Lebanese politics, but they are also widening blame to Lebanon as a whole, saying it too has declared war on the Kingdom.

"It is the worst food crisis we are looking at today, seven million people are on the brink of famine, millions of people being kept alive by our humanitarian operations", spokesman Jens Laerke told reporters this week, as Deutsche Welle reports.

It underscores an unprecedented restructuring of the Kingdom as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman steps up a dramatic reform drive for a post-oil era. A more venerable historical example is that of Amenhotep III, the pharaoh who rejected the traditional religion of Egypt in favour of deification of the sun, thereby undermining the vital priestly support base which subsequently turned against and then overthrew the regime he had established. Higher prices will encourage over-production as OPEC members try to cash in on the bullish market.

The cardinal rule has always been that disputes are settled quietly within the royal family, without the involvement of outsiders. There is no indication that the Salman lineage is seeking to create a Saudi constitutional monarchy.

A major opponent of Prince Mohammed died in a helicopter crash late Sunday night, in Saudi Arabia, near the Yemen border.

The IRGC is entrusted with Iran's missile program and is responsible for the Islamic Republic's subversive actions and international terrorism.

The violence, which began with a Houthi uprising but intensified with the start of a sustained Saudi air campaign, has been locked in stalemate for some time. It was "a type of weapon that had not been present in Yemen before the conflict, constituting violations of UN Security Council Resolutions 2216 and 2231", Haley's office said.

"No one will be able to say later, particularly with respect to Yemen, that they didn't know what was happening", he said.



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