Slot Game Symbols To Wish For

Slot machines well and truly revolutionised the art of casino gambling in the 20th Century, there really isn’t any arguing with that, in fact only a fool would have enough to back up their argument here. Sure, games like Blackjack, Poker or Roulette were still incredibly popular, and they remain so to this day, but nothing managed to change the way people gamble in the same way as the slots. Just think about it: every other casino game requires a dealer and at least one player for it to work, in fact many of them actually necessitate more than just one player. Compare this to the world, where any individual can play straight away without the need for a dealer or other player, and it is easy to see why these things kicked off so much. 

That was in the 20th Century, and little did the people know that the 21st Century was to usher in an even more intensely influential mode of slot gambling. Oh yes, in the 21st Century it is online slots that rule the roost, no surprise really when you consider how much more practical these games are to play. You can play from the comfort of your own home, for instance, or even on your morning commute with the power of mobile slots! No wonder these games have got so popular, something that can also easily be attributed to the good work on the part of the various online slot developers that exist today. Not only have they revolutionised their games to work on a mobile platform, but they have also added in tons of new bonus features and symbols. The latter is what we are most excited about, and it got us thinking: what are some slot symbols to wish for? Want to know the answer? Read on to find out. 

History Of Slot Symbols 

First things first, it is always interesting to delve into the history of slot symbols, because they haven’t always been anything like they are today. The first rudimentary slot machines only had a handful of symbols for various reasons, the most important being that there were only three reels on these units, meaning that you couldn’t really physically fit too many symbols on. It was a Californian engineer called Charles D. Fey who first created a commercially viable slot machine called the Liberty Bell, and here we can see the foundations of some symbols used that are classics to this very day. 

The Liberty Bell machine featured horseshoes, spades, diamonds, hearts and liberty bells, setting the blueprint for hundreds of similar slot machines that would follow. It is widely credited with setting the trend of using playing card symbols on the reels, as well as things like bells. Due to gambling restrictions things remained largely the same for a good few decades, however as Las Vegas began asserting itself as a bona fide gambling mecca so too did slot machines start to evolve further. Ever wondered why so many people call these things fruit machines or fruities? The next big wave of symbols to be created were all different types of fruit! Nice. 

Low Paying Symbols 

So, that’s the history out of the way, now let’s turn to all the symbols to wish for whilst playing slots. The first things to mention are the low paying symbols, not the most desirable thing to find on the reels, however, it is a lot better than just a losing spin, is it not? Most low paying symbols these days are actually made up of the high value playing card symbols, showing that the influence of Charles D. Fey’s Liberty Bell machine can still be felt to this day. 

This goes without saying, but when looking out for low paying symbols, as with high paying symbols, you will need to spot a winning combination for it to really mean anything. In the online slot world this happens more often than not due to the number of pay lines that are genuinely present. 

High Paying Symbols 

A slightly more desirable set of icons are the high paying symbols, and these tend to differ from slot game to slot game, especially in the world of online slots. You will notice that the developers often make sure the high paying symbols correspond to the overall slot theme that has been chosen, a great way of making these games much more inviting. 

Again we must stress that finding just one standalone high paying symbols isn’t exactly something to wish for, however coming across a combination? Now that’s something you will definitely want to see.

Wild Symbols 

On to the more specialised symbols in the slot universe, these are the icons that will really bring a smile to your face, as they are a lot more powerful than the regular ones. Many gamblers absolutely love the presence of the wild symbol, something available in 99% of online slots and a large portion of land-based machines too. 

The reason why? Well, the wild symbol can swap with any other icon on the reels other than the scatter in order to make some tasty wins. More often than not it also includes a multiplier! 

Scatter Symbols 

Another symbol that gamblers just love to encounter on those reels is the scatter, something that almost always brings a whole load of free spins to the table, as well as a nice juicy multiplier in most cases too. The scatters are generally designated by a symbol that says “scatter” on it, or if not, it will look fairly distinctive in comparison to the other icons. 

Extra Bonus Symbols 

Nowadays a lot of online slot developers are including evermore exciting bonus games into their slots, something that therefore necessitates a whole new symbol – the bonus symbol. This is often designated by an icon showing the game’s logo, however it is not always the case. This is one of the best symbols to wish for, as the majority of bonus games these days are highly lucrative. 



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