Biggest slot jackpot wins in 2019


Like winning the lottery, we all dream up and imagine the day we feel amazing thanks to a huge jackpot win.


Whether on the slots or with the lottery, which a slot basically is anyway, each and every one of us want to win some money and enjoy the thrill of the chase when it comes to this.


And, what can be more rewarding than paying a small amount of money and having it come back in the form of thousands, and sometimes even millions?


And, with the fantastic progressive jackpot games now being the norm, it would be unusual if we did not have any big jackpot wins this year. 

The biggest slot jackpot wins in 2019 

It’s not hard to believe that this year, thanks to the advancements in the bonus offers and progressive jackpots that are available, 2019 has seen some huge wins, with the biggest of them all meaning millions for one lucky player.


And as the old adage goes, you have got to be in it to win it. So what are you waiting for? Get online and see if you’re one of the next lucky winners today.


How would you like to pay 20p and get 75k back? Well, that is exactly what happened for one lucky gamer in January 2019, when they decided to have a go gaming with Arcade Bomb.


Arcade Bomb offers players a 447,338x spin value, which makes for an eye-watering win for any lucky player.


Onto the all important millions now. That is exactly what one spin on the mega jackpot of the aptly named Mega Moolah got for one player - 13 million to be exact.


And, that was from just one spin, so you really can not go wrong with Mega Moolah, this is one slot game that’s not afraid to pay out in big ways, so why not have a go today and see if you’re the next lucky winner.


One player in 2019 also won on the Multifruit 81, with Energy Casino. This player was one smart cookie, and the story is one worth telling too.


After having got a win of a fantastic £60,000, this player decided to open up Double Staxx and continue playing instead of choosing to cash out.


This player spun at a whopping £200 a spin each time, and luckily for them, multiple big wins meant that at the end of the slot sessions they got to take home a quality fantastic pay out of 290K, and their gamble paid off.


But fret not, none of us need to putting down a huge £200 with each spin to get the big bucks. One customer at Casumo in January 2019 took home a huge £18K with a simple £1 spin which changed their luck forever by playing the game Jammin’ Jars.


This kind of win is actually a regular feature on this fantastic game - you will see when you check out the leader board scores. Could you be next to light up that board?



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